Our Story


Our story didn't start today, or yesterday, it didn't even start with The Cater Station for that matter. To tell our story we're gonna need to take you back in time for a quick minute; back to 2014 when The Cater Station was nothing more than a glimmer in the eye of owner-operator, Peter Stewart. 


In 2014 Pete was operating another business, The Roaming Dive. The Roaming Dive was a food truck (a pretty epic one at that) that was famous for its American-style street food fare. Sliders, taco & loaded fries were some of the most popular items on the menu and they were often requested at events.


"Do you cater events?" was heard so often in fact, that the decision was made to start up an Auckland based catering business that took this delicious food truck fodder to the masses... queue The Cater Station. 


So yeah, we've been flippin' sliders for a while now - it's fair to say, we know our onions. 


Over the past 5 years, we've listened to the people and developed a range of products that are "a little bit special". Our stations have been designed to satisfy any hunger - regardless of most dietary requirements; rest assured that we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options to keep all guests happy. The Cater Station has become a staple at weddings, corporate gigs, and kid's parties around Auckland. Not just because the food is good, but also because the service is second to none.


We've brought this catering business into the 21st century. We offer online ordering, and on-time delivery. Choosing the catering for your next Auckland event couldn't be easier.